trafficked in the philippines




When *Lady's dad passed away, she felt like she lost everything, too. Her nanny, whom she considered her own grandmother took care of her from then on even though they could not pay her for her services any more. She needed to be strong, her nanny whom she called "nanay" was already getting old,  so she needed to do something in order for her to sustain their needs - food, medications and a house. "It wasn't my intention to work in a bar. It all started in my province, there was a scout manager offering a job for Korea."


It wasn't my intention to work in a bar


"They were hiring singers, and I auditioned. They said I passed. A few days later, I received a ticket to Manila for training and to acquire a passport from the embassy. I agreed to go, it was my first time in Manila, bringing with me my dreams for my future."

*Lady was scammed. She thought everything was going smoothly because out of the 50 applicants, she was one of the few who were chosen, apparently. A Korean consul told her if she was sure about the job because many were hired only to become sex workers. She felt something was already wrong when they were sent to the bars. She was told that was a part of their training. 


I feel like everything about my life was about to change


"I didn't feel like I was myself anymore. I didn't know what to do with everything that was changing and happening."

Even though she knew she was being lied to and was frightened, she never stopped praying, even believing God for "good" customers each night. A few months later, a group of foreigners came and she heard about Wipe Every Tear. She didn't believe that they could be good to women like her and that they do not ask for anything in return. She thought it was too good to be true. But her doubts disappeared when she met Mommy Becks, the Filipina director of Wipe Every Tear.  *Lady felt something inside her was telling her to go with with Maam Becks.




She joined Wipe Every Tear and started going to school. *Lady is graduating next year, she's studying Business Administration and Human Resource. She has been with Tayo as a jewelry maker for two years. We support her dreams to build her own house and work abroad in the future.  Her face is always brimming with joy and her smile cannot be taken away from her anymore. 


"I am so happy to be a part of this organization. I know this is just a beginning in my journey, but I have no fear anymore because I know GOD is always with me. It is already tested and proven."




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