• Our women are rescued women from trafficking in the redlight districts of the Philippines.
  • We give them the opportunity to earn while they learn. The goal is to help them finish college.

To know more about our cause, visit our non-profit:

  • Anna Glick

    I love this necklace! It's simple and minimalist but just the right amount of sparkle to feel pretty and feminine!

  • Ashley F.

    I bought these for my mom as a Mother's Day gift...she couldn't believe how beautiful they were! And then, when she found out where they came from -- she was floored. She loves wearing them not only because of how lovely they are, but also as a reminder to pray, show support and raise awareness for the beautiful women who are making them, and the many more who have yet to experience freedom. I couldn't recommend these more!

  • Elizabeth

    It's beautiful, simple and fits with everything I wear. I've gotten complimented a few times already and then I get to tell the story of where it comes from :) I also bought one for a friend and she loves it too!