One of the things we truly cultivate is freedom. It is an important aspect of our mission to continue to help women experience true freedom daily.

Claire, one of our artisans for years, has just graduated college and once dreamed to become a worker for the harvest. She wants to be a missionary. Her experiences with our non-profit in the safe shelters have given her the passion to continue sharing the good news to the women in the bars in Angeles City.

She has been leading prayer and devotion times in the safe shelters and that gave her the boldness to speak to anybody about her life story and her testimony.

We met a missionary couple to the Philippines for years, and they want to continue to partner with what Wipe Every Tear does in Angeles,Pampanga amidst the pandemic. They want to start a women ministry on their own, too in the future and give more women better opportunities outside the bars. Because of this, they attend Wipe Every Tear meetings and build relationships with our scholars and artisans at the Livelihood Center. They met our graduates this year and have chosen to sponsor some of them as partners in Walking Street (redlight district). Claire has been chosen.

We want Claire to experience life after college, to pursue her dreams and to be out there, following where God leads her. So today, we send her off. She has served Tayo Collective as an artisan and a volunteer staff for a few years. She will now continue our dreams for the rest of the hundreds of women who are still in the bars. We are grateful for the years she has spent with us serving and lovingly caring for other women in our care.

She is free!

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