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Who We Are & Why We Exist

Tayo Collective artisans are brave, bold, and full of joy. When they walk into the room the atmosphere begins to shift. They carry light. They carry hope. They carry freedom. Our women are world changers. You should see where they have come from. You should see what they have left behind. You would be amazed. 

These women have stepped out of slavery and into a life of freedom. They have chosen to leave the bars where they were once trafficked, manipulated, sold, and exploited. Accepting the invitation from Wipe Every Tear to come live, eat, and go to college all for FREE! Lots of girls in the bars can't accept this amazing opportunity simply because they need money for their families back home. Money that working in the bars provides. They can't only think about themselves pursuing an education, but need to keep their family in mind. 

Then began Tayo Collective. We wanted a way for these fearless women to not only go to school and educate themselves but to also make money along the way. We wanted to create something much bigger than just having them sell peanuts on the side of the street. We wanted them to be proud of what they made, sold, and earned a living wage doing. We wanted it to become a passion of theirs. Something that they could look at when they were all done working and think "beautiful". 


That is exactly what we have created with this brand. Its beautiful and full of meaning. Crafted and designed by powerful women with real life stories of redemption. Each piece of jewelry carries a message of hope. From darkness to light. From slavery to freedom. The same hands that once were held in bondage are now alive and creating new things. Pieces of art. Life really can be made beautiful once again.